Useful Links

Neighbourhood Watch website at or alternatively email moc.liamtoh|wnretsehcloc#moc.liamtoh|wnretsehcloc for information. NB Unfortunately the website has closed down due to lack of funds. This item will be updated when more information is to hand. 21/11/11.

For issues such as overhanging hedges, refuse collection problems and other matters dealt with by Colchester Borough Council - ku.vog.retsehcloc|ertnececivresremotsuc#ku.vog.retsehcloc|ertnececivresremotsuc

For issues with the roads such as potholes and lighting - ku.vog.xesse|aeratsae.syawhgih#ku.vog.xesse|aeratsae.syawhgih

Details of recent property sale prices in your area can be obtained at:

You can check on applications to the Colchester Borough Council for planning permission at:

You can check your broadband speed at:

You can access the Crime Map at:

Want a streetmap? Try this,+Essex+[City/Town/Village]&searchp=ids.srf&mapp=map.srf

If there are any local matters with which we may be able to assist you or which you wish to raise with the committee the Hon. Secretary of the Braiswick Residents’ Association can be contacted by email at ku.oc.evil|cesarb#ku.oc.evil|cesarb.

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