Pothole Policy

The following has been forwarded to us by our ward councillors:

Dear Cllr Turrell
Re: Pothole Policy

Thank you for your further email received 16 November 2012, in respect of the above.
Please find below a table with information detailing our investigatory criteria for potholes

Item Defect Investigatory Level
Carriageway & Cycleway Pothole/Spalling 50mm depth 75mm in any horiz direction
Ridge or Rutting 50mm depth
Depression/Sunken Cover 50mm
Gap/Crack 50mm depth >20mm width

The frequency of carriageway inspections depends on their categorisation. The table below details how often pavements are assessed:

Feature Description Category Frequency
Roads Strategic Route 2 1 Month
Main Distributor 3(a) 1 Month
Secondary Distributor 3(b) 3 Months
Link Road 4(a) 6 Months
Local Access 4 (b) 12 Months
Minor Access 12 Months

There are 2 defect categories that we adhere to. Please find below an explanation of these:

Category 1 defects

These are to be made safe or repaired by the end of the next working day from the time that the defect is assessed on site by an inspector and notified to the contractor although this type of defect should be corrected or made safe at the time of the inspection, as the situation dictates. This may involve displaying warning notices or coning off or fencing off to protect the public from the defect.

Category 2 defects

These are defects which, following a risk assessment, are deemed not to represent an immediate safety issue or risk of short term structural deterioration. These defects are of a far lesser significance than category 1 defects, and remedial action will be added to our ongoing programme of works and will be completed in order of priority.

Please be assured that although we are unable to provide a timescale, as to when category 2 defects will be repaired, all pavement defects that meet our investigatory level for intervention will be repaired within our works programme.

If there are particular roads you wish to find out there frequency of inspection, please provide us with this information.

Thank you for contacting us in respect of this matter and I trust the above information clarifies the current position.


Richard Buttress
Customer Services Officer
ESH Customer Services & Member Enquiries
Business Services & Strategy
Environment, Sustainability & Highways

Essex County Council

Residents Association Note

For issues with the roads such as potholes and lighting - ku.vog.xesse|aeratsae.syawhgih#ku.vog.xesse|aeratsae.syawhgih

If the potholes are getting worse then you can request an Inspection from Highways. If we copy Cllr Anne Turrell in then she can chase if we have any problems. Or if we let her have details of the locations she will send in the request.'

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