Mersey Homes Chesterwell Wood

Mersey Homes – Chesterwell Wood

This planning application is to build 1600 homes on land in Nayland Road and between Bergholt Road and Mile End Road out to the A12 border.

Information about this application No 121272 can be found on line at:;jsessionid=60078ADFE5FE7C238B3E47C0497E2766?appNumber=121272&appType=Planning&action=Search

The outline application (meaning if this gets approved further detailed applications will occur at a later date) will be heard at the Planning Committee on Thursday 26th Sept at 18.00 in the Moot Hall, Town Hall, High Street.

The Planning Committee cannot make a final decision, they can only choose to “Approve”, “Defer”, or “Reject”. Once that decision is made it will then be referred back to Government for a final decision.

Several 3-minute slots will be available for people to speak, but comments must be strictly limited to planning law and policy. Please contact our ward councillors for advice if you wish to speak yourself.

We hope that as many people as possible will attend this hearing to make sure that their views are heard and taken into consideration.

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