Data Protection Policy


The Association and your personal information

1. The Association holds records of members’ names, addresses and details of email and telephone numbers where provided. Any communications sent to the Association by members are retained for record purposes.

2. It will only use this information where necessary to respond directly to a member’s communication or to inform members of matters of interest for example details of forthcoming Annual Genera Meetings and if information on matters affecting the locality needs to be disseminated.

3. Under no circumstances will members’ details or correspondence be passed to third parties without the explicit permission of that member and then only in limited situations. For example where an issue has been raised with the Association which can be better dealt with by a relevant person or organisation - perhaps the Borough or County Council Councillor.

4. When a membership expires by virtue of a resident moving out of the area (and the Association is so notified) or a membership is not renewed at the AGM or shortly thereafter, then the name and address details of that member will be permanently deleted from the Association’s records.

5. At any other time if a resident whilst retaining membership of the Association wishes any or all of their information to be removed from the Association’s records they may do so by notifying the Honorary Secretary of the Association using the email address ‘ku.oc.evil|cesarb#ku.oc.evil|cesarb’. The email will be acknowledged and confirmation given that the details have been deleted.

8 July 2018

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