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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Colchester Golf Club on Tuesday 9 November 2010 at 8 p.m.
Present 60 members, Cllrs Anne Turrell and Martin Goss
1 Welcome and Apologies
Apologies: Leonie Taylor, Mark and Barbara Cole, Arron Nouban, Mr & Mrs A Moorcroft, Mr & Mrs C Harris, and Mr & Mrs K Palmer.
John Spurr welcomed Members to the meeting and briefly explained Mark’s illness. He paid tribute to Mark for the many years service he has given to the Association and asked the members and Committee to join him in sending his best wishes to Mark at this difficult time.
2 Amendment to the Constitution
Proposal: Section VII Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice a year, once before the AGM and once after, and at other times as deemed necessary at the discretion of the Committee
John Spurr explained the background to reducing the number of meetings held by the Committee and proposed the Amendment. Brian Butcher seconded the Amendment which was approved unanimously.
3 Minutes of the last AGM
John Spurr read the Minutes of the last AGM and there being no matters arising Michael Irvine proposed acceptance of the Minutes which Dr Firmin seconded. The Minutes were approved and signed.
4 Hon Treasurer’s Report.
Mrs A Spurr presented the accounts for the year ended 30 April 2010. Closing balances were £163.20 on the current account and £1,767.57 on the deposit account. Liz Alexander proposed acceptance of the Accounts which Anne Butcher seconded. Accounts were approved.
The Chairman then drew the meeting’s attention to the fact that the bulk of the expenditure related to the printing costs of the accounts and notice of the A G M. He also pointed out that no honorariums are paid to the officials. He also thanked them for all their hard work and loyalty to the Association.
5 Hon Chairman/Secretary’s Report
John Spurr reported it was disappointing to learn that certain residents of Braiswick have been advising newcomers to the area against joining the Association. They claim, “it is a waste of time and money joining as they do nothing and nothing gets done”. Every house has received a notice of our meeting and I do hope we have some new and non-members present tonight who can see for themselves what we get up to and then join us. I believe that the only way to get Authority to move “is to give it a chance by advising it of what needs doing, and then prodding it along”.
One of the most irritating ASPECTS of local politics is the ability of our Councillors to claim success for what in effect have been initiatives of our members taken forward by your committee. Having got that off my chest it would be churlish not to thank them for all their assistance in progressing our wishes.
It is with this in mind your Chairman and Secretary set out what has been achieved this year and what is ongoing, and we hope that our representatives will continue to fight our corner; with the odd reference to the originators of the ideas in their regular publications being mutually beneficial.
 John Bentley makes regular checks of any planning applications to seek out any applications which may adversely affect Braiswick
 The defunct lamppost in Bakers Lane has been removed.
 Flooding outside No 7 Braiswick which had been pursued for two years has been resolved. A cracked pipe caused the problem.
 Website created to provide information and local news.
 Continue to press Atkins to replant the tree/shrubs by the new A12 bridge. Have received advice to the effect that they will be replanted between Oct 2010 and Feb 2011
 Before Christmas Anne Wilkinson attended Bakers Lane with Malcolm Dade of ECC Highways re potholes. Further contact was made following the snow and the work was carried on Bakers Lane – the road was closed for five days.
 More work at the request of the Association has been carried out to Spring Lane to improve the bend and more work is in the pipeline to repair potholes.
 Spring Lane was closed recently for even more work to be carried out. Drivers still go right to the edge of the road and break the surface.
 There is talk of putting in bollards to prevent cars using Bakers / Spring Lane as a rat run. If you want the Golf Club you enter from Braiswick, if the Tennis Club then from the roundabout.
 Various other highway defects have been repaired such as the pothole in the path outside the Golf Club, broken kerbstone and raised manhole cover all in the Bergholt Road.
 2200 Homes Development. JS and AS attended meeting(s). A leaflet was prepared and distributed to all households in Braiswick inviting them to attend the Council’s Consultations. The Association submission to the Council was sent/emailed on 27 February. This can be seen on the website.
 A further leaflet was prepared and distributed regarding the North Station Consultation.
 Continue to press for a VAS but the goal posts have been moved and Bergholt Road no longer fits the criteria. The average mean speed of this has been raised to 35 mph. It would seem the mean speed of Braiswick is 29.1 mph southbound and 31.1 mph northbound.
 Continue to press for a pedestrian refuge at Tufnell Way. Again put off until the development is completed.
 In communication with BT re poor broadband service in Braiswick – BT has responded – To the effect that Highwoods Exchange is to get superfast broadband in September 2011. They are unable to confirm Braiswick will benefit. There are surveys, planning permissions etc to be carried out. The Chairman emphasised that if we want to join the 21st century then we must all vote now and residents were invited to log on to to cast their vote for Braiswick to have superfast broadband. The closing date is 31 December 2010.
 Enquiries have been made of County Broadband who now supply West Bergholt with their broadband service. To be discussed at AGM to gauge residents’ opinion.
 Also to be discussed at AGM, - to gauge residents’ opinion - Traffic Speed checks to be undertaken by residents – you will recall that Martin Goss sent an email regard Speedwatch Training. Hopefully our local policeman will be able to provide more information.
 Anne has recently contacted Highways following requests from residents of Fernlea to extend double yellow lines down into Fernlea to discourage commuter parking. This has been added to the list but depends on the budget in next financial year and also if the rules will allow such an extension. A request was made for a grit/salt box at the junction with Braiswick. Anne Wilkinson was able to advise that she had received an e-mail just before leaving for the meeting advising that salt boxes are no longer provided. It is understood that the ECC can provide a one tonne bag of salt and sand mix to be stored in a secure location. A nominated volunteer must be identified from within the local community who will decide where and when to spread the grit. Training will be provided but the volunteer will have to provide feedback to ECC. It was agreed that this is a matter for the residents of Fernlea to organise if they so wish. The Association will give assistance where possible.
 Anne Wilkinson met with Mr Dale from Highways this morning about certain overgrown hedges and flowerbeds. In particular the two beds adjacent to Braiswick Place which no one seems to own.
Matters Arising :
Anne Wilkinson advised the expected cost of County Broadband and the consensus of opinion was that residents Braiswick did not want to go down this route.
A question was raised about the yellow lines in Fernlea with some concern expressed by Members. It was pointed out that some residents of Fernlea were unhappy with commuter parking and felt it made the junction of Fernlea and Braiswick unsafe.
6 Election of Officers and Councillors
The Chairman called for nominations from the floor for new blood to join the committee, he emphasised that it was very interesting but not an onerous responsibility. A vacancy has been caused due to Brian Butcher and family moving out of the area. There were no new nominations for the election of Officers and Members of the Committee. Accordingly the meeting approved election of the existing Committee of Chairman John Spurr, Hon Treasurer Ann Spurr, Hon Secretary Anne Wilkinson, together with Leone Taylor, John Jeffrey and President John Bentley.
7 Ward Councillors
Cllr Anne Turrell then addressed members and initially referring to the concerns about yellow lines she felt this matter would go no further as there are specific rules and ECC are reluctant to install yellow lines.
Cllr Turrell addressed the members on general matters relating to Colchester as a whole.
 CBC seeks resident’s views regarding the proposed timed closures of the High Street.
 CBC are seeking to improve the broadband service for the whole of Colchester and are talking to other Councils.
 Lack of school places with Queen Boudicca expected to exceed 400 places which is felt is too high.
 Provision for schools must be made in the light of the proposed 2200 homes development. This development is in the core strategy and has been accepted by the Inspector. Councillors are working to reduce the number of homes and to keep the land between Mile End and Bergholt Road vacant.
Cllr Turrell then took questions.
 Concern about the possible congestion at Balkerne Hill and the lack of disabled parking spaces if the closure of the High Street goes ahead. Cllr Turrell took these views on board and further agreed to tackle the present problem of taxis in the High Street parking in the disabled bays.
 Change in rubbish collection. Cllr Turrell confirmed that weekly collections will remain but the routes and days will alter.
 Cllr Turrell has slowed down the consultation on North Station roundabout as she feels CBC need to deal with the 2200 Homes first.
 If parking stopped in North Station Road residents will have nowhere park.
8 Cllr Martin Goss addressed the members
 Agreed commuter parking a problem not only in Braiswick but Mile End. ECC is reviewing parking policy but has no funds.
 Bakers Lane residents were not happy with the quality of repairs and hope for eventual resurfacing.
 Cllr Goss did not agree with the idea of bollards.
 North Station – a new drain has been installed under the bridge to solve the problem of the pavement being flooded.
 Requested a £1,500 grant for the Bergholt Road playground fund
 Various speed checks have been carried out and people fined.
 2200 Homes – a website has been set up by residents of Mile End and Cllr Goss thanked residents for their support in fighting this development.
Martin Goss then took questions
 A suggestion was made that restricted timed parking be put in place in Fernlea, i.e. no parking before 9.30 a.m as a possible alternative to extending the yellow lines. This would stop commuters parking. Apparently Turner Rise does have this system. ECC does not like yellow lines as they only push the problem somewhere else. Cllr Goss is in contact with Cllr Hume who has responsibility for parking.
 Similarly it was asked if the bus lane at North Station Road could be made available to all traffic outside rush hour. Cllr Goss will take this forward.
 A general discussion followed regarding Tree Preservation Orders [TPO]’s – some residents have had their TPO’s restored, others not. Cllr Goss stated TPO’s have been made on the trees between Mile End and Braiswick.
9 Community Police Officer
The Chairman stated that it was a disappointment that the Community Police Officer had failed to attend, especially as he had confirmed his attendance with the Hon Secretary.
10 Open Discussion
 John Spurr reminded residents that the Golf Club’s annual bonfire party is open to all residents.
 A request for a bus stop at the top of Tufnell Way so residents could use the Number 63 which goes into Tufnell Way.
 Concern raised about the state of two new homes at 35 Braiswick. The whole site needs tidying up, the portable toilet to be placed more discreetly and the pavement and central refuge to be constructed. Cllrs Turrell and Goss said they would write to the builders.
 John Spurr asked if anybody uses the mobile library. Use it or lose it!
The meeting ended at 9.40 p.m with John Spurr thanking everybody for attending and asking that they encourage their neighbours to attend and take a more active part in the Association – more members are needed. John also thanked the Golf Club for the use of their facilities and for the bar staff for their efforts.

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