AGM 2011 minutes

Braiswick Residents' Association
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Draft minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Colchester Golf Club on Tuesday 8 November 2011 at 8 p.m. To be approved at AGM November 2012.
Present 65 members, Cllrs Anne Turrell, Martin Goss and Scott Greenhill and PC Steve Walsom

1 Welcome and Apologies
Chairman John Spurr welcomed
Members and read the Notice of the Meeting.
Hon Secretary Anne Wilkinson advised that apologies had been received from Mr and Mrs Colin Baker, Mr and Mrs W Ring, Mr Michael Irvine.

2 Minutes of the last AGM
Chairman read the Minutes of the last AGM and there being no matters arising Stephen Pitt proposed acceptance of the Minutes which Leonie Taylor seconded. The Minutes were approved and signed.

3 Hon Treasurer’s Report.
Mrs Ann Spurr presented the accounts for the year ended 30 April 2011. And recommended that the subscription of £2 per house hold be continued for an other year.
58 households paid £116 in subscriptions, 15 less than last year.
Accumulated fund £1,983.07 after expenses of £76.48 up £22 on last year due to the printing and delivery of an additional notice concerning the 2010 Mile End Development.
Balances at Lloyds Bank current account £214.72 deposit account £1,768.35.
Ann thanked the honorary auditor, Philip Holroyd for his help.
John Jeffrey proposed acceptance of the Accounts which Mervyn Jones seconded. Accounts were approved.
In thanking Ann the Chairman reminded the meeting that whilst it had been a quiet year on the development front at Mile End never the less a fighting fund may be required if any attempt is made to materially encroach on Braiswick by for example the development of Golf Club land.

4 Hon Chairman/Secretary’s Report
The last year has been relatively quiet, compared with the previous year, and the Committee has spent its time dealing with general matters mainly in respect of the highways.
Information has been provided on the website regarding permitted times fireworks can be discharged.
B T continues to be chased to up grade broadband in Braiswick. It is expected that a marked improvement will be seen shortly.
Our attempt to relocate a bus stop and change the routing of the number 63 bus was unsuccessful. As was our efforts to bring forward the pedestrian refuge and the opening up at non peak times the bus lane at North Station Road. This time the official reason is that the residents would object to the exhaust fumes. The Chairman commented that this was an improvement on the official reason of previous years that “Colcestrians were not intelligent enough to understand split access times.”
Members were updated about the salt bag scheme for Fernlea.
The Golf Club had installed a drain on the public right of way from Braiswick to Mile End to prevent excessive flooding.

5 Election of Officers and Councillors
The Chairman introduced Stephen Pitt and proposed him as a new committee member. Jean Wilson seconded the motion which was passed unanimously.
John Spurr pointed out that new members would be needed in the future as some members of the Committee are getting on! It wa confirmed that the existing Committee Members were willing to continue… Accordingly the meeting approved election of the existing Committee of Chairman John Spurr, Hon Treasurer Ann Spurr, Hon Secretary Anne Wilkinson, together with Leone Taylor, John Jeffrey, Michael Irvine, and President John Bentley.

6 Ward Councillors
Cllr Turrell then addressed the members on general matters relating to Colchester as a whole.
• Colchester Borough Council have introduced wifi broadband to the town centre and it is the intention to cover other areas in the not too distant future
• A food waste trial commenced in Mile End on 7 November and will continue for a year when it is hoped to roll out to the entire Borough. It is important recycling is improved as the Essex County Council pay £16m to the Government which ultimately will impact on our Council Tax.
Cllr Martin Goss addressed the members:
• That it was the Council’s intention to bring forward the planning of review in respect of the 2200 home (LDV) but as the Coalition Government is changing the Planning Laws it was felt the review would have to be put on hold.
• There have been discussions about remodelling North Station.
• Essex County Council is running their salt bag scheme again this year.
• More litter bins to be provided in Mile End

Councillors then took questions
• With regard to salt bags it was pointed out that Essex County Council have failed to answer the question of liability. Anne Turrell asked for copies of emails and said she would take this matter further. Concern was also raised regarding the gritting of bus stops.
• Concern was raised by a member regarding cycle race(s) which take part along the Bergholt Road/Braiswick as it was felt that the road was not suitable. Cllr Turrell confirmed that permission would be needed and it is possible to object if you know it is happening.
• Another concern is the use of BMX and Quad bikes on public rights of ways particularly the one from Beauty at the Bay to Mile End. Cllr Turrell stated this was matter for the land owner and/or police.
• Councillors were asked to express an opinion on the proposed changes to the Planning Laws. It was felt it would be better to wait for the official report rather than rely what the newspapers reported.
• A question was raised regarding the retrospective planning permission at 35 Braiswick and the apparent breach of planning regulations. A discuss ensued and Martin Goss agreed to look into.
• To a question regarding garden bags “lost” by the dustmen Cllr Turrell confirmed residents should not pay for new bags. Any problems members should contact our Councillors.
• It was pointed out to Councillors that the new traffic sign at the Station for the Oaks Hospital and Bures was misleading. Councillor stated he would have a look at it on his way to work.
John Spurr thanked the Councillors.

7 Community Police Officer
PC Steve Walsom apologised for not attending last year’s AGM but operational commitments made this impossible. He advised that he has been Community Police Officer for many years but due to the cutbacks there would be changes in March. To what extent those changes will affect PC Walsom and Braiswick only time will tell
Crime is Braiswick is very low compared to other parts of the town. There is a PCSO who covers this area. Due operational commitments such as Dale Farm the police have struggled to meet expectations for which he apologised.
He confirmed that there are drug factories springing up everywhere, including Braiswick. These are usually set up in rented property so if any members spots unusual behaviour or at all concerned they need to contact the police.
A question regarding Neighbourhood Watch was raised and members were directed to the Association’s website where there is a link to the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
A discussion was had regarding scam emails etc and advice provided.
John Spurr thanked PC Walsom for attending.

There being no further matters John Spurr thanked the Golf Club for the use of their premises and the bar staff for their work, Members for attending and the Committee for all their hard work.

Meeting closed at 9.10 pm

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